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  • Dormo_R_unutra_ENG_780x460_eng.jpg

Dormo R

  • power.png11 kW
  • dimension.png750 x 400 x 800 mm
  • ico_dimeter.png120 mm
  • volume.png275 m3
  • ico_area_38633.png 110 m2
  • weigth.png110 / 123 kg
  • degree.png79 %
  • Energetska_efikasnost.pngA

 - Redesign of a solid fuel fireplace with a unique look  

 - Made of high quality metal sheet which is protected by paint, varnish and enamel resistant to high temperatures.

 - Double-glazed middle  front panel: internal (resistant to 700 ° C) and exterior reflected mirror glass (resistant to 500 ° C) 

 - Inox handle on the fire door

 - The cast iron firebox ensures the safety and durability of the product

 - Built-in rocker

 - A large firebox allows longer autonomy 

 - The ability to move the glass on the front for the purpose of more thorough cleaning

 - Compliant with the strictest German standards, Bimschv 2 


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