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Alfa Term 20 Pellet

  • power.png19,5 kW
  • dimension.png1100 x 600 x 850 mm
  • ico_dimension_oven.png330 x 440 x 260 mm
  • Velicina_lozista.png54 x 130 x 92 mm
  • double_glass.pngYes
  • ico_dimeter.png80 mm
  • ico_heat_rad_77225.png4,5 kW
  • ico_heat_pow.png15 kW
  • ico_boiler_96298.png35 l
  • ico_min_max_51017.png1,32 / 4,75 kg/h
  • time.png20 h
  • capacity.png30 kg
  • volume.png293-488 m3
  • ico_area_38633.png 117-195 m2
  • weigth.png210 / 238 kg
  • degree.png87 %
  • Energetska_efikasnost.pngA+

-Multifunctional pellet stove for floor heating with top design and quality

-New generation of electronic components guarantee safe operation and high levels of pellet use 

-With the application of modern technology, high performance is achieved in both heating and food preparation

-The casing made of quality sheet metal protected with paint, varnish and enamel all resistant to high temperatures

-Fire box made of special fire-resistant cast, combustion chamber made of special sheet metal and boiler made of sheet metal intended for boilers

-Enamelled oven for high quality and even baking in a tray included with the stove 

-All components necessary for the functioning of the system (expansion vessel, water pump, safety and air valve) factory-built into the product 

-Weekly programming of the stove

-Possibilllity of operation the stove at 5 levels of power 

-Built-in safety thermostats prevent self-ignition of the stove 


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