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  • Wood_50_eng.png

Wood 50

  • power.png50 kW
  • dimension.png800x1000x1530 mm
  • Velicina_lozista.png630 x 520 x 540 mm
  • ico_dimeter.png180 mm
  • ico_heat_pow.png50 kW
  • ico_boiler_96298.png134 l
  • volume.png750-1250 m3
  • ico_area_38633_64173.png300-500 m2
  • weigth.png380-415 kg
  • degree.png86 %
  • Energetska_efikasnost.pngA+

- Modern design of boiler casing of suitable dimensions and suitable for any premises.

- Inside boiler is made of sheet metal intended for boilers.

- Long life of fire box made of special water cooled steel.

- Good boiler heat insulation reduces heat loses to minimum in the room where the boiler is installed.

- Large fire box capacity expands time interval between firing.

- Heat exchanger is installed, which is used as thermal fuse against possible boiler overheating when in connection with thermal valve.

- Automatic air regulator used to adjust boiler power based on boiler water temperature.

- Remote thermometer to measure water temperature in the boiler.

- In the lower part of fire box there is a vertical cast grate which can be open and used for boiler ignition.