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  • SG_122_55_eng.png

SG 122 55 GI/6

  • total_power.png5125 W
  • total_power_gas.png4000 W
  • dimension.png550 x 600 x 850 mm
  • ico_dimension_oven.png460 x 475 x 320 mm
  • ico_oven_volume_67770.png70 l
  • weigth.png48 / 60 kg
  • double_glass.pngYes
  • ico_grill_24393.pngYes
  • Energetska_efikasnost.pngC
-Two heating plates of different sizes - 7 positions (diameter o145 mm, diameter o180 mm)
-An express heating plate
-Two burners (1000 W and 3000 W)
-Built-in electric igniters for igniting the burner
-Multifunction oven - six modes, oven illumination, bottom heater, upper heater, infrared heater
-Double glass oven door
-Self-cleaning oven
-Vertical grille - horizontal grille and casserole rack
-Horizontal grille - especially suited for grilling
-Deep casserole - suitable for baking bread and larger pieces of meat
-The possibility of placing the casserole on three levels in the oven
-Drawer for casseroles
-Stove cover 
-Adjustable stove feet