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  • FKU.png

Built-in fireplace

  • power.png11 kW
  • dimension.png730 x 426 x 543 mm
  • Velicina_lozista.png205 x 634 x 302 mm
  • ico_dimeter.png180 mm
  • volume.png275 m3
  • ico_area_38633.png 110 m2
  • weigth.png90 / 106 kg
  • degree.png73 %
  • Energetska_efikasnost.pngA
-fireplace is made of cast and metal positions  
-cast iron made firebox which accumulate heat and increase the combustion     
-glass on the firebox door lets you look at the fire in the firebox
-the mantle is made of sheet steel with a wall that is 4mm thick
-air regulator located on the lower part of the firebox door, allows the selection of the volume of fire
-opening for air intake located on the upper part of the firebox door provides better combustion and keeps the glass clean
-there is a special key for handling the firebox door


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