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About Company


 Our main business is the production of heating devices on solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, electric cookers, and a combination of solid-fuelelectricity-gas and electricity. Products of "Alfa-Plam" are primarily intended for households.

According to the quantity of production, placement and quality, we are leading manufacturer of heating devices in Serbia and Southeast Europe, and are among the top 5 producers in Europe.

Today, production realized in 5 technical and technological units, according to the products group such as:

  • Pellet stoves, cookers and boilers
  • Solid fuel furnaces and stoves;
  • Fireplaces;
  • Gas furnaces;
  • Stoves, furnaces and fireplaces for floor heating;
  • Electric and combined cookers.

Out total annual production is more than 160.000 units. The assortment of production is permanently expanding, according to the needs of the market, and all in order to improve the quality of production, we are introducing new technologies that guarantee the quality that is confirmed by ISO standard. All our products have specific domestic and international certificates, which fully meet the stringent requirements for the placing on the EU market. Alfa-Plam sell its product on domestic market (35%) and in the markets of the Europe. The main export markets are the ex-Yu Republics (Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia) followed by Germany, Italy, Austria and Poland.

Currently, Alfa-Plam employs 1.000 employees.