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Company background:

  • 1948. - City craft-services company "Metalac" was founded in Vranje. It was consisted of locksmith, blacksmith, electrics, clac, wheelright and sheet metal workshop. Company produced pots, water buckets, pan and furnaces called "drummers" as well as products made according to clients' wishes.
  • 1950. - "Metalac"employes 58 people.
  • 1959. - "Metalac" has lunched a galvanizing plant. Plant employes four new workers, who put black sheet metal buckets in chemcal and then in zinc which heated in large cauldron by oil.
  • 1960. - Company plans production and galvanization of 100.000 buckets.
  • 1962. - Metal Packing factory was built in the industrial area in Vranje and it changes its production progrma in consumer goods. Name of the factory is Technical devices Industry "Alfa -  Vranje" and employs 87 workers.
  • 1964. - "Alfa - Vranje" wins gas furnaces production "Feniks 140" and plans other consumer goods production (electric dryer, wash machine, furniture and locksmith). Factory employs 300 workers. "Feniks 15000" gas furnaces for floor heating was exposed to Belgrade Techniques Fair.
  • 1965. - "Metalac" after 16 years of work in bad conditions, got adequate space in an industrial area of Vranje, in addition to "Alfa". The compan specializes in the execution of all trades and metal assembly works in construction.
  • 1970. - Winning production of gas stoves.
  • 1980. - Association of manufacturing plants in the firm "Alfa-Metalac".
  • 1989. - Change the name into "Alfa Plam" and get a new company logo.
  • 1992. - Winning products for floor heating.
  • 1998. - The introduction of ISO 9001 quality system.
  • 2002. - Commissioning of the latest line of enamelling. Shares "Alfa-Plam" listed on the BSE.
  • 2003. - Total production of 164.000 heaters. Started serial producton of the new stoves for central heating, solid fuel "Alfa Term 20". In Vranje, opened the first showroom where the entire product range of manufacturers was exhibited.
  • 2005. - Replacment equipment in enamelling sector II. An investment in value of EUR 1.500.000 realized from own funds.
  • 2006. - Purchased laser machine for perforation and punching of sheet metal, made tools for new stoves and ovens, and completed Phase II of construction work at the sector I. Investments from its own funds in the amount of 1.500.000 EUR.
  • 2007. - The value of one share on the stock market reached the maximum amount of 527.77 EUR (at the middle rate). Conquered the production of pellet stoves by the Italian technology for known foreign buyer. The company has 960 employees.
  • 2008. - Introduced new technology with full equipment for wet paint in Plant II, a new line of cutting sheet metal and purchased installed presses. Total investment from its own resources is 1.200.000EUR. Made in marketing project management function to further improvement of market position of the company. Company adopted a new logo and slogan: "Alfa-Plam - Safety and Warmth".
  • 2009. - Acquired robotic welding machines, lines for longitudinal and transverse cutting sheets, 2 machines for bending, hydraulic presses and other valued at approximately 500.000EUR. The comapny has 880 employees.
  • 2010. - Acquired laser machine for cutting and punching sheet metal. Started serial production of solid fuel stoves for central heating "Alfa Term 27". The company buys in Vranje, in close proximity to their seats, 12,500m² constructed production and warehouse space and approximately 13,000m² of land. Dividend payment to shareholders for the year which is the tenth consecutive year.