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Q: What is the difference between natural gas and propane - butane gas? What type of gas is used by an Alfa Plam gas stove?

  • A: The main differences between natural gas and propane - butane gas (liquefied petroleum gas - LPG) are in the creation, composition, and thermal power. Natural gas is formed in the depths of the earth by the decomposition of organic matter, while propane - butane gas is obtained through oil refining. By composition, natural gas is pure methane, while propane - butane consists of a mixture of propane and butane. Thermal power of natural gas is about 9 kW/m3 while that of the propane - butane is 11-12 kW/kg (depending on the mixture).
    The advantage of natural gas as compared to all other fuels is having the cleanest burning. Alfa Plam gas stoves are designed to use natural gas, and can be set up to use propane - butane as well, at the explicit request of the customer. Setting up the propane - butane must be done by our service center.