Glavni meni

Q: What are the manufacturer's recommendations for cooking and baking?

    During the hot days solid fuel stove is used mainly for cooking. In the summer, with the stove with a two-position grid cook on the upper
          positioned grid. The oven door is kept closed. It is best to use a pot with
          a strong bottom and the correct lids.

         During the cold days solid fuel stove is used mainly for
         heating up the room. In order to cook faster use dry wood. With a stove with
         two position grids, heating and cooking in the winter is done on the lower position grid.
         The flapper for heating must be closed and the air regulator
         must be open. After you are done cooking the air regulator should be placed
         on the marked spot for the nominal heat capacity.
         For baking cookies and roasting, the stove requires evenly distributed
         heat. To achieve the evenly distributed heat and a high temperature,
         the oven must be closed with a flap for heating, depending on what is baked, in order to be        warmed up in advance. If the stove is heated up to  
         the desired temperature put what you want baked in the oven.
         Do not allow a strong glow to be created. It is necessary to keep adding the fuel in
         small amounts.
         For roasting meat you will need a significantly higher temperature than
    when baking cookies. So preparation time (pre-heating) is somewhat
         longer and indeed required.