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  • 01. 12. 2016.

    Intellectual Property Office Award for Alfa-Plam


    Alfa-Plam has won an award in a competition organised by the World Intellectual Property Organisation, in the protected industrial design category, for the Commo 21 product. The following statement was issued with the results of the competition published on the website of the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia:

    “By the decision of the committee, the winner in the category for legal entities for a registered industrial design – the WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy, is the company Alfa-Plam a.d. from Vranje, for the industrial design of the central heating pellet stove known on the market under the commercial name Commo 21, and which is protected under international design no. DM082500 in the territories of: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Republic of Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Montenegro, Spain and Switzerland. Considering that pellet fuel is made from woody mass that has a high calorific value, that it is easy to use, that only a small amount of ash is created during combustion, and that is a renewable energy source, the significance of the manufacturing of pellet stoves is unquestionable. In addition to the above, the pellet market in Serbia is expanding, and the Commo 21 is Alfa-Plam’s best-selling central heating pellet stove in Serbia. The stove has been in production for four years. Market demand is continually increasing. There are huge opportunities for conquering new and the most demanding markets, and for creating new jobs. Dragan Zafirović, the author of the design, has received many recognitions for his outstanding contribution to the organisation of production and to increasing exports and profits. From all the foregoing, it is clear that this industrial design fulfils all the criteria for the award: protection abroad has been obtained for it in the territories of the aforementioned European countries, it has a specific, practical use and market potential, and it also contributes to increasing exports and improving quality of life”.


  • 31. 10. 2014.

    Alfa-Plam - Best Corporate Brand in Serbia 2013

    Alfa-Plam - Best Corporate Brand in Serbia
    At the gala award ceremony held in Belgrade on April 9, 2014, at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, the company Alfa-Plam received an award for best corporate brand in Serbia 2013. Competing with 175 other companies in the commodity and corporate brands category, Alfa-Plam was named the best corporate brand in the category of durable goods. 
    According the Managing Director of Alfa-Plam, the award is extremely important for the company because it comes from loyal customers in the domestic market, which supported them with their votes in the competition. This award only confirms the leading position of Alfa-Plam on the market of Serbia and is also an incentive to continue to produce superior quality products, in turn representing our country in best light to Europe and the world.

  • 20. 09. 2013.

    BEST BUY in fireplaces category

    Best Buy Award
    The company Alfa-Plam is the winner of the Best Buy award in the Fireplaces category. A survey was conducted via the web by a Swiss agency ICERTIAS - International Certification Association, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina in September 2013 it was confirmed that consumers in Bosnia and Herzegovina believe that it is Alfa Plam that provides the best balance of price and quality for fireplaces. The survey was conducted on a representative sample of 1,200 respondents in the field of civil engineering (architects, building contractors, civil engineers, supervisory authorities, etc.)  

  • 26. 04. 2013.

    Corporate Superbrands Serbia

    Corporate Superbrands Serbia
    Alfa-Plam is the winner of the Corporate Superbrands Award Serbia 2012 - 2013. The prize is awarded on the basis of rigorous selection of 17 members of the Professional Corporate Superbrands Council and on the basis of public opinion polls conducted in Serbia. At the awards show at the Metropol held on April 25, 2014, out of 3,000 candidates in 34 categories, 200 companies received awards for best brands of Serbia by Superbrands international institution, which is active in more than 80 countries worldwide.